• September 30, 2022

What exactly is chelation therapy? What is the principle of chelation therapy, and what specific regulatory effects can it have on the body? Today, I will introduce chelation therapy to improve sub-health and excrete heavy metals from the body.


01) What Is Chelation Therapy (CHELAT-Therapy)?


The word “Chelat” comes from Greek and means the claw of a crab. In chelation therapy, insoluble minerals and toxic metals (such as lead, cadmium, mercury, etc.) and metal ions in abnormal positions are like being clamped by an invisible “tweezers” and easily passed through the kidneys. Excreted from the body, so as to improve the function of metabolism and blood flow.

The main culprit in arterial calcification is the continuous accumulation of calcium and other waste products. They not only make blood vessels constrict, but also cause hardening and lack of elasticity of the blood vessels.

Cholesterol and calcium accumulation and other slag wastes block the arteries, increase the burden on the kidneys, increase blood pressure, and eventually lead to strokes and heart attacks. Chelation therapy can be used for this situation. This kind of infusion therapy can be carried out independently of the hospital. For experienced doctors, this kind of therapy is very safe.


02) Why Is Chelation Therapy Needed?


Our current lives are polluted by many harmful ingredients, and our living environment is polluted by various harmful substances, harmful heavy metals, and harmful minerals. Although our body has the function of detoxification when we are healthy, the ability to excrete harmful substances will decrease with the irregular life habits over time and age. This will cause many diseases and symptoms.

Ensuring the normal function of the liver, intestines, and blood vessels is one of the most important conditions for maintaining health. Many vitamins and minerals can ensure its detoxification function through the liver. However, if the nutrients are insufficient, normal liver function cannot be maintained, and its detoxification function cannot be performed well. For example, constipation. The detoxification components in the liver are transported from the bile to the intestines, but once chronic constipation occurs, the detoxification components will be returned to the liver. Therefore, in order to prevent constipation, it is also very important to maintain the liver’s detoxification function. As the center of body purification, chelation therapy takes the maintenance of liver and intestinal function as the first priority.


03) Application Of Chelation Therapy


Since the 1930s, chelation therapy was first used in the United States to treat all vascular diseases caused by calcification. This therapy often makes heart bypass surgery and even amputation unnecessary. Chelation therapy in the United States, in the past two decades, the cure rate or significant improvement rate of arteriosclerosis caused by smoking is 90%, angina pectoris is 85%, and cerebrovascular sclerosis is 70%.

In addition, chelation therapy is increasingly being used to treat heavy metals and radioactive contamination. The environment in which we live is full of pollution and interference, and chelation therapy will become a mainstream therapy.

It is now known that heavy metals hinder cells from generating new energy and inhibit the function of enzymes that are critical to life. The effect of chelation therapy was accidentally discovered while searching for antidote for workers contaminated by heavy metals. This substance not only completes the task of detoxification, but also unexpectedly solves cardiovascular diseases.

This therapy consists of 20 infusions of 4 hours, which can be carried out randomly, and finally ended with ozone therapy. Chelation therapy is a fluid treatment method in which amino acid-like substances (EDTA), minerals and vitamins are injected into the body by intravenous injection. The EDTA-containing solution circulates in blood vessels approximately 100,000 kilometers long, “traps” metal ions, integrates them and other components that cause atherosclerotic plaque (hoarded waste) into a ring structure, and is excreted by the kidneys. .

As everyone knows, toxic metals and organic substances and chemical substances cause the generation of free radicals, and free radicals are the cause of many degenerative diseases. EDTA, which has a “chelating” effect, combines with metals. This process reduces the pathological changes of free radicals, enhances the function of enzymes and cell functions, and protects cells from oxidation. EDTA is not an antioxidant, but EDTA prevents the formation of free radicals, thereby preventing the resulting degenerative diseases, such as atherosclerosis, cancer, rheumatism, gout, AD(H)S, chronic fatigue syndrome (fatigue) Syndrome) and so on. Here are just a few diseases. The application of chelation therapy can prevent the body from premature aging.

Chelation therapy has opened up a new way to deal with diseases caused by toxic metals. This therapy is mainly aimed at vascular diseases like circulatory system and cardiovascular disease (coronary heart disease).


04) The Effect Of Chelation Therapy


One of the major causes of cell aging is acidification. One of the substances that cause acidification is harmful heavy metals. Excess harmful metals will accelerate aging. Through chelation therapy, excess harmful heavy metals can be excreted, thereby achieving the effect of preventing cell aging.

If the blood vessels are healthy, the blood will flow smoothly. As a result, thrombosis is not easy to form, and the risk of arteriosclerosis, cerebral infarction, and myocardial infarction will be reduced. After the excess harmful calcium is discharged, the blood vessels become soft. Through the discharge of harmful metals, the adverse symptoms caused will also be improved. It can also prevent neurological diseases caused by heavy metals such as lead, aluminum, arsenic, mercury, tin, etc., memory loss, and dementia.

Through chelation therapy, the body’s blood toxins are discharged, the circulatory system is improved, the immune system is regulated, the cancer is kept away, and you get rid of the sub-healthy state, and give you the most healthy body state.